Module 1.2

Drawing from Line to Life: Beginner

Drawing lessons for the beginner artist based on the book "Drawing from Line to Life" by Mike Sibley, who shares his artistic expertise and over 30 years of experience as a professional artist and graphite pencil specialist.

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Drawing from Line to Life: Beginner (The 8 Week Drawing Course)
By Mike Sibley

This beginner-level, course-in-a-book is designed for self-directed learners and intended to be worked through in order from beginning to end. Each new piece of information, skill, or technique prepares you for the following week’s assignments and exercises.

About the Author

Mike Sibley

Author of the drawing bible Drawing from Line to Life

Lessons in This Topic

FREE 1.2.R01

By Mike Sibley

VIDEO 1.2.A1

Take Your Pencils for a Test Drive
By Mike Sibley

VIDEO 1.2.A2

Blend and Burnish Gradations
By Mike Sibley

FREE 1.2.R3

How to Draw with Erasers
By Mike Sibley

VIDEO 1.2.A3

Shade a Lovely Lily
By Mike Sibley


Shade Values with Lines
By Mike Sibley

VIDEO 1.2.A5

Shade a Cylinder with Contour Hatching
By Mike Sibley

VIDEO 1.2.A6

Shade and Blend a House Model
By Mike Sibley


Lighten Values by Removing Graphite
By Mike Sibley

VIDEO 1.2.A8

Create Drawings with Erasers
By Mike Sibley

VIDEO 1.2.A9

Enhance Atmospheric Perspective with Blu-Tack
By Mike Sibley


Draw White Lines with Indenting
By Mike Sibley


Use Graphite Resist to Draw Grey Lines
By Mike Sibley


Highlight Dark Hair with Graphite Resist
By Mike Sibley


Taper Lines with Invisible Joins
By Mike Sibley


Divide and Draw Individual Sections
By Mike Sibley


Draw Textures with Line and Tone
By Mike Sibley


Draw a Delicate Feather
By Mike Sibley


Shade Leaves and a Background
By Mike Sibley


Use a Grid to Map an Eye
By Mike Sibley


Outline a Section of a Welsh Dresser
By Mike Sibley


Use Multiple Images to Compose a Drawing
By Mike Sibley


The Lady with the Lamp
By Mike Sibley

VIDEO 1.2.R1

Welcome to Drawing from Line to Life
By Mike Sibley

VIDEO 1.2.R2

Creating Powerful Gradations!
By Mike Sibley

VIDEO 1.2.R4

Transforming Lines into Shading
By Mike Sibley

VIDEO 1.2.R5

Exploring Erasers as Partners to Pencils
By Mike Sibley

VIDEO 1.2.R6

Drawing on the Magic of Indenting
By Mike Sibley


Using Hard Grades to Resist Soft Grades
By Mike Sibley


Drawing on Reverse Techniques
By Mike Sibley


How to Plan a Drawing
By Mike Sibley